To do list

vvvP is a young program. It is already working well and it is perfectly usable, but it still misses some features that will be added in future versions.

The development of an open source program is usually rather slow, since it is done in the developers' free time, but this is a list of the features planned for inclusion.

  • Language localization. vvvP will be translated to different languages.
  • Ability to rebuild the thumbnails of selected images, for example to create larger ones.
  • Basic image editing. vvvP will never be a full-featured image editing program like Photoshop or The Gimp, but we plan to add some simple tools like levels, auto levels and color correction. vvvP editing will be non-destructive. It will not change the image file but it will store the corrections in the catalog and it will apply them in the image viewer window. Of course it will also be possible to save an edited version of the image.
    The idea is that people will never have the time to edit all the images using an image editing program. Moreover having an edited version of the image in a different folder would make images harder to handle. This can be a good solution for a few selected images but it is not practical for a large number of them.
    Having the ability do do basic editing in vvvP with a few keystrokes, without duplicating the image and without losing the original one will make things much faster. Just think of a series of images taken in the snow: the snow is likely to be gray, but a single auto-level command will make it look white again in a few seconds.
  • XMP metadata support.